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Big Data Analytics Tool


Jure Trilar 


Percipio<BigData> analytics tool

percipio tool combines different sources of information (research and scientific literature, patent database, RSS news, websites, social media, etc.) with its algorithms to provide a holistic picture about both scientific and technical developments as well as trends being of high relevance for current and future business development.

percipio database contains more than 250 millions of technical and scientific articles and on top of that more than one million of relevant social and news items per day. All these data are summarized into a few dashboards using context-based analytics algorithms where context is selected by a customer.

Typical use cases 

Customer selects specific context of interest by specifying one or more keywords like Energy, Automotive or something more specific like Tribology. Context-based algorithms summarized data from all databases according to specified keywords into a few trends and correlation dashboards which are search related.

The slogan “Find the (un)known unknowns and discover new insights!” directly reflects the promise that with our tool customers will not overlook relevant information but will get an edge to overcome the blind spot problem of nearly all companies: the focus on the existing business model quite often drives executives to overlook future opportunities and risks.

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