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Advanced Technology:

Intervention Monitoring System


Jure Trilar


iMON – Intervention Monitoring System

iMON is a product suite for real time intervention monitoring and critical infrastructure protection. iMON is designed for use by first responders and public safety agencies and provides common operational picture (COP) in real time and a suite of IoT-supported intervention management tools with on-site sensing and tracking capabilities, and have been piloted and validated in real-world environment in cooperation with first responder stakeholders (fire fighter agency and its departments, involving professional and voluntary fire brigades, regional and local command levels as well as HQ operations centre).

Typical use cases

This solution is designed specifically for first responders with the aim to provide them with a range of operations support tools that can be used both in day-to-day operations as well as during mission critical interventions. It includes a Real-Time Common Operational Picture (RT-COP), a range of IoT-based intervention management tools (tactical sensing from the field, asset tracking and field reporting apps), as well as RT video services for field/infrastructure surveillance and intervention monitoring using body-worn cameras, surveillance cameras and drones. The solution supports also a range of communication services and alerting, and can be used as an inter-agency tool. The individual tools are customizable and can be adjusted to operational specific of individual first responder agencies.

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