Generic Experiments

4 Technical GEs, 51 European SME members

Generic Experiments Ambition

Generic Experiments (GE) are designed to test new collaborations between research institutes and a group of SMEs as well as evaluate new co-financing mechanisms between European and regional funding to foster European industry digitalization. 

The goal of each GE is to  build and animate a community of SMEs (between 6 and 20) around a specific technical topic (GE Topic) proposed by one DigiFed research centre, the GE owner.

DigiFed will assess these experimental collaboration to define new collective service that could be proposed in the framework of EDIH.


  • Share requirements and Use Case with other SMEs from different domains with the same technological needs.
  • Have direct access to GE owner technical experts
  • Test and give feedback about the developments realize by the GE Owner
  • Contribute to the technology roadmap of the GE Owner
  • Stay on top  of latest findings on GE topics to be prepared for market movements.
  • Become an active member of the DigiFed Network and expand your own network.

Selected GE members through the open calls, receive 5 k€ voucher for their involvement and active feedback on the GE results and experimental process.

DigiFed GE program

  • Four GE launched in 2021
    • involved 51 SMEs members from 13 EU countries
    • Distributed 230k€ Cascade funding to selected SMEs 
    • Leveraged 270k€ of co-financing from regional authorities
  • Different GE model tested  in terms of :
    • Service proposed : Prototype development, access to excellence Lab , Test before invest.
    • Community : Transverse Digital sector or dedicated to a  market segment, building a value chain
    • Co-financing model :  specific program,  enlarging existing Regional to EU partner 
  • DigiFed is building the GE assessment methodology :
    • To share the model with European DIH network
    • Results will be will be presented at DigiFed final event december 2022