Generic Experiment on Cybersecurity: Trust Platform for Digital Assets Management

GE OWNER: Ikerlan
GE Associated region: Basque Country and Hazitek programme


  • Advanced Trust platform for the management of digital assets developed by IKERLAN to fulfill SMEs/MidCaps needs
  • Common specifications defined with the group of selected SMES / Midcaps
  • Group of selected companies from Europe and Spain – Basque Country region (HAZITEK programme)
  • All selected companies will be invited to an interview with an IKERLAN Expert to explain their needs and use case

TECHNICAL FOCUS: Trust Platform for Digital Assets Management

The advent of IoT and blockchain has brought about new opportunities for carrying out more private and trusted transactions, which leave a scattered track of data in many devices instead of relying on a single centralised (and hackable) cloud.

IKERLAN is developing a blockchain-based digital platform for monitoring assets and transactions with a focus on Industry 4.0 applications. The final objective of this platform is to enable users develop trust on each other, unlocking new business alliances and opportunities. Besides this, the platform is expected to reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase robustness against cybersecurity threats and attacks, as well as provide data security, system transparency and support for audits and certification.

The proof-of-concept platform currently offers:

  • Management of smart-contracts lifecycle.
  • Asset monitoring, traceability and reporting:
    • Real-time machine usage.
    • Machine operating conditions.
    • Production quality parameters.

The DigiFed Generic Experiment will be used as a vehicle to create a community of companies that aim to help develop the Trust platform further and shape it to fulfil their use case needs.

DigiFed can support up to 10 companies in the GE Trust platform community with a target of 50% of these companies being members of the consortium of the Basque Hazitek project SmartCON.


  • Willing to improve the security of your products or services and ensure immutability of your data.
  • Looking for new solutions to secure your assets traceability.
  • Willing to learn about cybersecurity challenges and technical solutions.
  • A Cybersecurity solutions provider looking for new opportunities.
  • Willing to sign the Standard Generic Experiment Agreement.
  • Not already part of another DigiFed GE community

Call Information & Related Documents

  • Call opening: 31 March 2021
  • Call deadline: 16 July 2021 , 17:00 (Brussels Time)
  • March 2021: Publication
  • July  2021: GE Implementation

The Standard Generic Experiment Agreement is here: PDF


For further information please contact:


  • Applicants shall be pan-European (EU member states or H2020 associated countries, including the UK) organisations residing in an EU Member State (including their overseas departments) or in one of the EU Associated Countries*.
  • Applicants engage to sign the Standard Generic Experiment Agreement and to share their feedback on the GE technical results and on the GE community organisation.
  • Applicants are small/medium (startups and SMEs) organisations residing in an EU Member State (including their overseas departments) or in one of the EU Associated Countries *.
  • Further requirements on the European Commission’s SME definition can be found at:
  • A legal entity will be considered a mid-cap (250-3,000 employees) if it complies with the European Commission’s and the European Investment Bank definition at: 
  • Applicants from the Spain – Basque Country region are small/medium start-ups, SMEs and midcaps under 2000 employees if it complies with the European Commission’s and the European Investment Bank definition at:

*UK companies remain eligible for grants and procurement procedures as if the UK was a member state for the entirety of the Horizon 2020 framework programme and previous framework programmes. This also applies to financial support to third parties according to Article 204 FR (cascading grants) and applies for the duration of H2020 projects.

Information collected for evaluation and selection

Candidates will be evaluated on their interest in the GE technical topics and potential exploitation of the GE results in their activity.

Application: Trust Platform for Digital Assets Management – IKERLAN

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Digital maturity questionnaire

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