Generic Experiment on Cybersecurity: Secure platform for IoT

GE Partner: ST
GE Associated region: France – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and easyPOC programme

GE Secure PF for IOT Open Call closed 17/02/2021

20 European SME’s joined the GE secure PF for IOT

The GE community was officially launched 03/06/2021 , the experiment will last until  june2022

GE Secure PF for IoT community


  • Advanced Cybersecurity technology developed by CEA to fulfill SMEs/MidCaps needs
  • Common specifications defined with the group of selected SMES / Midcaps
  • Group of selected companies from Europe and France – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region
  • All selected companies will be invited to an interview with CEA Expert to explain their needs and use case
Secure element & Secure Software

TECHNICAL FOCUS: Secure Platform for IoT

IoT infrastructures are facing cyber risks from edge to could; from sensors and gateways to terminals and servers. There is a market need to secure these types of infrastructures and their data. 

Today’s secure platforms are too complex to implement and suffer from a lack of certain key functionalities, so enterprises rely on less effective software solutions against attacks. 

CEA and ST are working on a novel secure platform, easy to use and implement, that will provide a higher level of protection to your IoT infrastructure while fulfilling high performance levels. 

This technology is based on CEA platform integrating STM32MP1 microprocessor based on the ARM TrustZone hardware isolation combined with STSAFE-TPM (Trusted Platform Module) certified CC EAL4+ and FIPS140-2 level 2; it enables a safe area of execution with a secure module providing secure key storage for long term keys and a cryptographic toolbox for companies who want to secure devices communication.

The platform uses standard ST components and open-source frameworks. 

The CEA Generic experiment will focus on STM32MP1 trusted platform with two  development axes: 

  • Establish the security bases for the Trusted platform (secure boot, first level of secure communications, trusted isolated environment…)
  • Develop the Monitoring of the Trusted platform against intrusions and security vulnerabilities exploitation.

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