Digifed Offer

Digifed is a tool for SMEs to invest in new relationships that will help create new businesses. It will support at least 40 cross boarder Application Experiements and 3 Generic Experiements involving a minimum of 60 SMEs and 4 DIHs outside the consortium.

Bootcamps for networking in DIHs and specific training on skills in the fields of security and privacy in embedded systems, human-machine collaboration and autonomy will be offered to SMEs to implement AEs as well as:

  • Access to industrial platforms in the domain of cyber-physical and embedded systems (CPS).
  • Product support aimed at bringing your innovations to target markets.
  • Added value to your product through the usage of high-level technical expertise pooled from research centres across Europe.
  • Innovation management support focusing on sustainable business development – to help your innovation get to the market via DigiFed and the Smart Anything Everywhere ecosystem.
  • DIH services to identify technical partners, commercial opportunities in Europe, to operate within DigiFed project via tailored help, webinars and boot camps.
  • Up to 55 k€ in funding – representing 70% of your project’s declared budget.

Technical services from DigiFed partners

DigiFed has serveral organisations that can offer a range of customised technical solutions and managerial support. Find out which partner can offer you the solution you are looking for:

Technology Service