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Advanced Technology:

“IODP” – Integrated and Open Development Platform




What is the technology

The Integrated and Open Development Platform is a strategic orientation of AVL. The aim is to connect all elements of the vehicle development process. And this step by step and independent of tools and manufacturers. Neutral connectors interlink simulation models, testbeds, data or analyses to create more flexible environments for the development of a new generation of intelligent and efficient vehicles.

Whether alternative powertrains, autonomous driving or integral safety-current development topics demand one thing above all else: interdisciplinary cooperation with a consistent focus on the overall product. Ultimately, it is not the individual system that determines market success, but the overall performance that the vehicle delivers to the end customer every day.

In practice, however, there is often a lack of decisive connections between individual results in order to be able to make reliable, holistic decisions. The potential to integrate simulation and testbed, or even to connect individual testbed systems, is only partially utilized. The exchange of results is similar: here, different applications and data formats prevent the analyses from being used across department boundaries.

AVL’s IODP portfolio includes the following solutions

  • Model.CONNECT™ – Connecting models of different domains
  • Testbed.CONNECT™ – Connecting simulation and test
  • Data.CONNECT™ – Connecting analyses
  • Device.CONNECT™ – Highly secure connection of devices

What are the typical use cases

Typical use cases include increase of efficiency for the development, validation and instrumentation of all kinds of powertrain system (e.g., traditional ICE, hybrid or electric). See some of our success stories at

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