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BLUMORPHO is a private company delivering disruptive innovation in addressing business and society challenges. We combine business, sectorial and technical expertise in deep tech as well as breakthrough creativity to design and operate ecosystems accelerating disruption.

BLUMORPHO and its team of Deep Tech Experts leverage on promising technologies and new business models to lead organizations in morphing their business.

BLUMORPHO drives innovation by bringing its understanding of economic and industrial challenges and its global connections to the smart solutions ecosystem. Unlike incubators or accelerator programs that invest in promising startups, BLUMORPHO focuses on reducing the technological market and financial risk of adopting innovation. Through its Fast Track Open Innovation service, it facilitates the cross-border discovery of radical innovations and tests their market feasibility for industrial firms seeking new ways to create value at low risk. Its lean innovation service gives resources to innovation providers to swiftly move from product concept to demonstrator, thus enabling a quicker “go/no go” decision making process regarding product development.

BLUMORPHO links innovation providers with private investors and build powerful ecosystems. We provide the relevant support and help innovation providers in reaching the expected maturity level for further investments.

Thanks to its 20 years know-how on technology analysis and market intelligence, BLUMORPHO manages a private marketplace which stores today a portfolio of 42,000 corporate contacts, 7,400 startups, 200 clusters and more than 300 investors and business angels. The Marketplace is evolving and increasing daily. It covers more than 24 vertical businesses over the full value chain.

BLUMORPHO is a private Innovation Hub connecting innovation stakeholders at Pan European and global level in focusing on businesses and value creation opportunities.

BLUMORPHO is a demonstration of European projects ‘sustainability. The company was founded in 2015 after the success of the COWIN Coordination and Support Action funded by FP7 to accelerate the technology transfer of research results by the European industry. Géraldine Andrieux was coordinator of COWIN and became Founder and CEO of BLUMORPHO.