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4P DIH (UL) 

Advanced Technology:

5G training and experimentation 


Jure Trilar 


PPDRone – 5G training and experimentation facility 

PPDR ONE facility is a compact 5G/VNF-ready mobile radio, core and cloud node to be deployed in the field as a portable solution for 5G communications services. It includes 5G/MANO-ready mobile system capabilities, with supported SDR and C-RAN based mobile radio, as well as a set of Cloud-based IaaS backend capabilities. In addition to mobile network and cloud capabilities the solution includes also tools and applications for performance monitoring and benchmarking (qMON toolset) and a range of public safety services and apps (iMON toolset) to facilitate PPDR-related experiments. The node is prepared for in-vehicle and filed use. The node supports radio frequencies from 70 MHz up to 6.0 GHz for pico coverage and 3.5 GHz for macro coverage. The PPDR ONE Node is also available as a 4G/5G experimentation facility as part of the 5GINFIRE project. 

Typical use cases 

This is a one of a kind facility for hands-on development, testing and verification of 4G/5G network architectures and services, with specialized features for public safety and critical infrastructures. It delivers a critical-communications-grade environment where first responders, critical infrastructure owners and their solution providers can run development, testing and evaluations of novel generic PPDR radio and core networks and cloud infrastructures, or mission-critical video and data apps and services. Also, they can conduct specific real-world trials, such as verification of various shared IaaS-based 5G deployment models, performance verification of deployed services (cloud and end-to-end perspectives), testing of new operational procedures enabled with a 4G/5G technologies, or end-to-end performance testing of network architecture, IaaS nodes and network services. 

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