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Advanced Technology:

4G/5G Quality Monitoring 


Jure Trilar


qMON – Quality Monitoring System  

qMON product suite is a testing solution for 4G/5G Quality Assurance testing, benchmarking and KPIs validation with capabilities of end-to-end quality monitoring and QoE/SLA assurance for 4G/5G, fixed and cloud infrastructures and services. qMON allows for configurable end-to-end measurement scenario definitions with automated remote configuration updates on distributed agents, data and measured KPIs collection and central storage as well as data mining and visualizations using professional BI analytics tools. The solution is adaptable for specific architectures and extendable for KPI, SLA and performance metrics, which allows for flexible applied real-time performance and quality validation. qMON is in operational use for quality monitoring of integrated operator infrastructures (3G, 4G, fixed, cloud-based deployments). 

Typical use cases 

5G environment is introducing new concepts of how next generation communications environments will be built and run in the future. Service-oriented 5G system architecture will enable full exploitation of NFV and SDN paradigms to deliver the needed flexibility and scalability for supporting vertical industries, such as public safety, automotive and Industry 4.0. Service delivery over multi-IaaS operated end-to-end 5G facility based on multi-vendor VNF, VIM and VNFM solutions ensures flexible deployment but adds another level of complexity to monitoring and quality assurance. Therefore, strict QoSQoE and SLA/SLS are one of the main challenges of the upcoming next generation PPDR communication system based on 4G/5G and cloud-based technologies. qMON provides organizations with a mechanism for end-to-end QoS/QoA monitoring and enforcement for SLA/SLS of critical communications networks and applications. It serves also as a testing and verification toolset for networks and services as part of prototyping and pre-deployment stages. 

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