1. Can two companies apply for the Digital Challenge?

Yes, two companies can apply to the open call an propose a solution to the Digital Challenge (one solution / application)

2. How many candidates will be selected for the Digital Challenge Open Call?

Only one solution will be selected at the end of the open call. If the selected solution is proposed by one company only, then the selected company will receive up to 110k Euros; if the selected solution is proposed by two companies than the two companies will share the 110K Euro funding (each company receiving up to 55k Euro)

3. Who can apply for the Digital Challenge Open Call?

Start-up and SME who can can guarantee required resources to implement the DigiFed Digital Challenge and are not in any situation which would exclude them from receiving financial support,

  • agree to sign the standard contract if selected and are
  • based in EU member state or EU associated country can apply for the Digital Challenge Open Call.

4. I have missed the Pre-Selection deadline; can I still apply for the Open Call?

We recommend submitting your pre-selection form by the 27th October, if selected you will have the opportunity to engage with GE Hydro on the 9th November and learn more about the specifics of the Digital Challenge.

If you missed the pre-selection deadline, please get in touch with us at info@digifed.org or contact Bastien.Hualpa@minalogic.com

5. I am not based in the same country as the Digital Challenge Owner (GE Hydro), can I still apply?

Yes, we are looking for European companies to propose solutions to the Digital Challenge; if during the development stage you will be required to travel to the GE Hydro site, the travel costs will be covered by the DigiFed funding (you need to include these costs in your budget proposal).

6. Am I eligible to apply for this call?

The EU Associated Countries participate in Horizon 2020 under the same conditions as EU Member States. A list with all eligible Associated Countries can be found here:


Legal entities established in any other country or region cannot receive funding in this open call.

UK companies remain eligible for grants and procurement procedures as if the UK was a member state for the entirety of the Horizon 2020 framework programme and previous framework programmes. This also applies for to financial support to third parties according to Article 204 FR (cascading grants) and applies for the duration of H2020 projects.