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AI Compute, Machine Learning and AI Ethics Capability


Ana-Maria Gheorghe
Nathan Coulson


What is the AI Compute, Machine Learning and AI Ethics Capability?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can enable new services and innovations. However, smaller and medium AI startups often lack the resources to test their solutions at large scale. By offering access to compute resources, either cloud based or physical machines at our offices, Digital Catapult can help to alleviate this issue. A full list of the services offered is:

Technical support:

Computation power including cloud credits for AWS or Google Cloud Platform, and access to servers and hardware (DGX1) as well as technical support activities.

Digital Catapult works with a range of partners and collaborators to provide access to specialised compute resources including, EPCC, the Hartree Centre, Graphcore, Spinnaker, Newcastle University and Nvidia.
Ethics support:

Digital Catapult can support companies at different stages of their AI solutions development, this includes consultations, deep dives and workshops which are centred on helping startups use data and run operations more ethically and responsibly.

Business support:

We can offer startups with high-quality business mentorship by delivering masterclasses, workshops and deep dives focused on building expertise across all areas of business.

Investment support:

Opportunity to participate in investor showcases and pitch to investors, whilst delivering investment activities and facilitating connections with a wide range of funds. Founders can also book one-on-one sessions with Digital Catapult’s Investor Engagement Manager to better understand the investment landscape, start building investment strategies and improve fundraising decks.

What are the typical use cases?

We are setup to support early stage AI startups in their efforts to bring new products to market in an ethical and efficient way.

Within the DIGIFED framework we would be able to offer European startups and SMEs with all of the support currently offered to startups, or if not all aspects are necessary we can offer flexible modular support based on the specific needs of the company. For example, if a relatively large SME is not compute constrained but could benefit greatly from the AI ethics advice we could make this available to them in a modular fashion.

As well as the compute, ethics, business and investment we would be able to support an enhanced engagement between DIGIFED SMEs and our corporate networks.

Where can further info be found?

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