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Advanced Technology:

Conceptualise, formulate and manage European/international RTDI projects 


Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann
Fredy Ríos Silva


Conceptualise, formulate and manage European/international RTDI projects 

Please give here a detailed description, if possible, not more than 20 lines, not more than 3 figures We support you in finding the right EU financial instruments for your specific field of technology and can advise regarding all EU-funding programmes in the areas of research, development, innovation and demonstration. We also support you during each phase of your project, from the first idea, proposal writing until the final implementation, and assist with any queries you may have along the way. 

Our services include:

Concept development:

  • Establish the structure of the project (i.e. specific tasks, timetable, distribution of roles per partner as well as project costs etc.)
  • Formulate technical and economic goals in line with the expectations of the European Commission
  • Search for suitable international partners

Creation of the application, proposal writing:

  • Create a draft of the applicationin English and in line with the objectivesand quality criteria of the European Commission  
  • Design figures and tables
  • Ensure a suitable structure and style
  • Consult with experts from Brussels
  • Ensure a timely submission of the entire application to the European Commission

Administrative and Financial Project Management during Project Implementation: 

  • Coordination of timely project reporting 
  • Distribution and monitoring of allocated budget
  • Accounting and financial audits
  • Organisationof regular project meetings

Communication and Public Relations:

  • With the European Commission and within the consortium
  • Cross-media publications and dissemination of project results

Innovation and Knowledge Management:

  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Development of deployment strategies and roadmaps towards exploitation of project results
  • Market assessment and business plans

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