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Advanced Technology:

Co-creating Digital Services


Jure Trilar 


Designing effective digital solutions with stakeholders (service) 

A service provided with SEROI+ methodology combines socio-economic and environmental return on investment (SEROI) assessment with open innovation (OI). Assessment allows for evaluation and monitoring of existing or planned products and services delivering socio-economic returns. These are determined by policy or service goals and evaluated by measuring relevant indicators and values. Complementary open innovation approach enables public or private entities to involve all relevant stakeholders in identification and definition of goals and objectives, identification of measurable indicators and expected impacts, and in co-design and co-development of new products and services.

Typical use cases 

Creating innovative products, services, policies and business models that correspond with relevant stakeholders needs, expectations and motivations can be used in both private-entrepreneurial efforts to connect the business value to end-users and public-communal endeavors of creating sensible solutions for citizens.

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