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Advanced Technology:

Develop and implement targeted trainings and events 


Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann
Fredy Ríos Silva


Develop and implement tailor-made trainings and events 

Our services include:

Designing and implementing events of all sizes to provide information and exchange on a whole range of innovation-related topics is a service provided by our team of event specialists in cooperation with our thematic experts. Our event portfolio includes large-scale congresses, workshop-style events, using a broad variety of methods and tools, and matchmaking activities at regional, national and European level. 

We also offer specialised training courses in innovation topics such as how to conceptualise a RTDI project based on the respective EC requirements, how to implement it scientifically and administratively. As well as our standardised training courses, we can provide tailor-made training sessions in all areas of our expertise on request. 

Our training series is structured in modules and tailored to the special requirements of international and intercultural consortia in European research and innovation projects. The trainings pick up on the respective phases of European projects starting with the application process and ending with the successful completion of the project. Besides the consideration of different organisational structures (SME, multinational enterprises, research institutes), a crucial element of our trainings is the combination of presentations and interactive exercises. The content of our trainings can easily be transferred to other transnational research co-operations of enterprises and universities. Besides a three-day certificate course on the application process for research funding, we offer one to two full day trainings, delivered externally or in-house, for enterprises, universities and research institutes. 

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