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Advanced Technology:

Hardware Reference designs and HW&SW tools


Antonio Lionetto


Physical Digital Transformation

HW and SW tools for fast prototyping on power management, power conversion, sensing, metering, communication addressing different application domains such as Smart Industry, Smart City, Smart Home and Smart Things, …

ST supports the growing process of digitalization, which is involving every traditional domain, from industry, energy, healthcare, up to natural resources, providing, on base of own on the shape of technology manufacturing capability, innovative devices.

The offered technology: HW and SW tools, as building blocks, for fast prototyping on power management, power conversion, sensing, metering, communication addressing different application domains such as Smart Industry, Smart City, Smart Home and Smart Things, …

STMicroelectronics Italy provides access to X-Nucleo expansion boards to work in synergy with the STM32 environment to create advanced solution on very large and smart application domains.

The high-level APIs and sample applications make easier to develop on own applications while the further availability of STEVAL board allows to quickly evaluate the features and performance achievable on application and a reference for new hardware design.

The large portfolio of ST, ranging from power devices, to sophisticated sensors, from communication devices to microcontrollers allows us to be an enabler for customers/system integrators’ new products, providing eval boards, reference designs and HW&SW tools.

The Nucleo expansion boards are specifically designed to add functionality (sensing, control, connectivity, power, audio or other functions) as needed.

The expansion boards are plugged on top of the STM32 Nucleo development boards.

More complex functionalities can be achieved by stacking additional expansion boards.

The X-Nucleo boards have been organized under five key functions, Sense, Connect, Power Drive, Move& Actuate and Translate, and a dedicate selector is available at the follow link, .

In addition, ST-I makes available the own STEVAL Boards. These evaluation boards help to evaluate the features and performance of selected products, all of them have been published online fully tested schematics, BOMs, and Gerber files to facilitate the next hardware design.

Today, optimizing complete solutions according to market requirements and energy regulations is practically mandatory. The key element in developing a successful power system is the best semiconductor device selection; the STEVAL are dedicated system evaluation boards to better test the devices directly in the application and reduce the time to market.

The STEVAL boards have be organized in four focus areas, Power, Led Lighting, Motor Control, IoT;

For example, in case of wearable solution, ST offers a variety of reference platforms to easy develop wearable applications, these satisfy some of main design challenges: compact solutions, ultra-low power hardware and firmware features, turn-key software on host device (i.e. Smartphone or Tablet), such as the:

SensorTile development kit

• 13×13 mm solderable module (STEVAL-STLCS01V1) and connectable module (STEVAL-STLCS02V1)
• SensorTile expansion Cradle board equipped with audio DAC, USB port and STM32 Nucleo connector
• SensorTile Cradle with battery charger, humidity and temperature sensor, SD memory card slot and USB port
• 100 mAh Li-Ion battery, UN38.3 tested and certified
• SWD programming cable
• Fully tested and certified by FCC, IC, Japan

BlueCoin Development Kit

• BlueCoin module with STM32, Motion Sensors, Microphones and Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity
• Coin Station board equipped with Time-of-Flight sensor and Power Management stage
• BlueCoin Cradle with SD memory card slot, USB port and battery connector
• 130 mAh Li-Po battery, UN38.3 tested and certified
• Fully tested and certified by FCC, IC

Geo IoT Tracker

• Optimized tracker solution over LoRaWAN network with simultaneous multiconstellation
• GNSS positioning and Geofencing support
• Battery operated solution with smart power management architecture
• Environmental and motion sensors
• Data Logging
• High flexibility to cover different application profiles (pet-tracker,asset monitoring, …)

Further information on specific solutions is available within the application documents, such as: