Build an AIOT System of Systems Digital Challenge – GE Hydro France

FUNDING: 110 k€


GE Hydro France is entering Industry 4.0 and looking for solutions to build an AIOT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) system of systems

The ideal candidates are mature companies, with experience in IIOT, Artificial Intelligence, Tiny Machine Learning & Arduino. These companies shall have strong knowledge in embedded devices/electronics and libraries building to help GE Hydro France achieve a state of the art data collection and processing to enable Condition Based Monitoring of critical components.


Connectivity and structured information are expected to be the cornerstones of Industry 4.0, but to acquire information is still complex and the associated costs have to be predictable and as low as possible to optimize ROI.


Today, microcontrollers are evolving fast and become a great platform to collect, process and classify information at low cost and there is not “off the shelf” well industrialized solutions offering a panel of sensing capabilities for the GE Hydro France’s harsh environment.

It has proven difficult for GE Hydro France to develop such a solution internally because of the mix of skills required and the agility needed to develop and qualify such a solution in 9 – 12 months.


Industrialized solution on a specific use case, chosen by GE Hydro France to accelerate their developments with external skilled resources.

Prove that an IIOT family with common features can cover a large type of components and is now profitable and robust enough as smart data collectors.

The solution has to share data on local brokers, be able to exchange information between nodes and fit in GE ecosystem.


Time to Market, set-up time, deployment costs and solution versatility to the GE Hydro’s Assets families.


As part of GE Renewables Energy, GE’s Hydro business provides a comprehensive range of various solutions (Large & Small new Hydro Projects, Storage, Digital solutions), from design to commissioning, as well as Services for the maintenance and upgrades of all the plants through their life cycle.

GE Hydro France Support

  • Resources and manpower to work with innovators to implement the technology solution
  • Mentoring and follow-up
  • Access to facilities (GE workbench) and knowledge
  • Technical reviews and sign off meetings to ensure the implementation phase runs according to plan
  • If the pilot project is successful, opportunity to bid to implement the solution on other assets for GE Hydro


If you are interested in proposing a solution for this Digital Challenge, please register and submit your application on our dedicate Digital Challenge upload portal

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ dedicated page (link here) or contact: Bastien Hualpa ( or

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