Drone off Network with Optimised Performance.

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ALTAR, a UK-based startup with the mission of bringing precision agriculture to all, has created DON (Drone off Network), an autonomous drone with multi-spectral sensors and embedded artificial intelligence. DON is applicable to any crop, with coffee as our initial target sector. DON gives coffee growers early prediction of diseases, pests and farm conditions in real time, at low cost and without relying on commegunications infrastructure in areas of difficult access and complex navigation. With IKERLAN, we offer a drone-as-a-service model with advanced easy-to-use technology that can be used by anybody. ALTAR identified the lack of this type of solution in the market and decided to satisfy it. The reason why it has not been solved is due to the lack of a cohesive mix of business models, usability and cutting-edge technology offered at low cost

Solutions provided

The solution we are creating is an off-the-grid drone system that can process information in real time and without external support. ALTAR provides the platform and testing capabilities, with IKERLAN integrating solutions in advanced hardware to further optimize performance

Consortium strength

  • Company (ALTAR): Expertise in Drone and Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • DigiFed Partner (IKERLAN): Specialist in hardware acceleration and integration.
  • DigiFed has been instrumental in the development of this solution not only by putting our companies together, but also giving us advice and support to keep the project going and further improve our processes.

Business development

Our Total Addressable Market (TAM) is the 20 million family coffee growers worldwide. Our Serviceable Available Market (SAM) in Colombia, as first target market, is their 550,000 family coffee growers, and our initial Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) is the more than 1,000 coffee growers in our pilot region, Libano, Tolima.

Companies involved

Precision Agriculture for all

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www.altar.digitalMicro (1-10)United KingdomAgritech & Foodtech

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