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Twin AEOC 2€110,000
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Enercal, the DSO of this project, needs to adapt the capacity of the lines according to the environmental and physical conditions of the conductors to balance renewable sources, avoiding millionaire investment and costs. Also, predict and detect fault power is an issue, which takes over two hours to recover. Today’s IoT solutions for monitoring are expensive and require batteries, which generate a replacement time and cost for Enercal.

Solutions provided

ENERGIOT has developed a battery-free IoT device that harvests energy from the residual magnetic field of power lines. Thanks to the included sensors, real-time smart monitoring of the grid status is feasible and affordable. ELEMENT, a service partner of ENERCAL, can provide the connectivity, cloud and data analysis system to digitalise ENERCAL grid. This collaboration will be realised by DYNAGRID project. Its main objective is to demonstrate an affordable, reliable, wireless and battery-free solution for massive deployment of IoT to digitise the grid in order to reduce maintenance, optimise operation and increase capacity of electricity networks.

Consortium strength

Exploiting its specialization at best, ENERGIOT will take care of the design, manufacturing, and implementation of the hardware, and of the IoT selfpowered wireless sensor nodes. On the other hand, ELEMENT will focus on set-up communications between the gateway that will collect all the information of ENERGIOT’s devices and the cloud, thus maximising the complementarity required for this AE. Also, they will implement the software platform to execute and smart management of ENERCAL grid, helping on data visualisation, diagnosis and operations and maintenance actions.

Business development

DYNAGRID can help their clients to increase grid capacity up to 30 % and save up to 20 % of maintenance costs. Total Available Market (TAM) is valued at € 7.9 billion. In 2025, the business of ENERGIOT & ELEMENT will contribute to achieving EU climate neutrality, saving 98 GWh energy and avoiding 29 thousand tons of CO2 emissions. Additionally, it will contribute to a toxic-free environment policy, avoiding nearly 100 thousand batteries installed and their hazardous substances by deploying IoT into the grid.

Companies involved

Harvesting energy for the Internet of Things

WebsiteCompany sizeCountry Industry sector
www.energiot.comMicro (1-10)SpainEnergy


WebsiteCompany sizeCountry Industry sector
www.element.ncMicro (1-10)FranceICT/AI