Secured Industrial Tracker Development Kit

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The goal of the EGOS project is to design a Secured Development Kit as a tool for developers providing the adequate flexibility on Hardware and Software. The aim of the Application Experiment is to be able to test and write an exhaustive requirements specification and then to accelerate the industrialization and the tool kit proposition into the market.

Tracking solutions are facing three main challenges:

  1. To be able to have a “one size fits all” solution that seems very difficult for industrial deployment but important and possible for prototyping.
  2. To have security integrated in IoT communication
  3. To manage different networks and radio protocol to be able to communicate all around the world. Connectivity is an issue, as more than 75% of IoT device projects comes with difficulties of connection.

During this project we answered those different challenges.

Solutions provided

The solution is a secured SDK that allows all the IoT developers to design, test and industrialize a secured IoT device in less than 6 months and with integrated security and the management of multi-connectivity. One of the main focuses was to integrate and combine various technical solutions: the hardware from STMicroelectronics like the new STM32WL System on Chip, the associated drivers, the network management layer SCAP-LTP (2 patents), the multi-connectivity (1 patent) and EGOS middleware. This integration is fulfilled and operational.

Tracking is working well and can adapt to the environment with Indoor and Outdoor capability.

Multi-connectivity capability to make IoT roaming and to be able to switch between LPWAN networks (Private, public, …), is creating great opportunities to save battery consumption and to decrease total cost of ownership. Frugal cybersecurity for data transmission over LPWAN IoT networks is a success has it permit keep the initial advantages of such Low Data rates networks.

Consortium strength

DigiFed Consortium strength was mainly the complementarity between a component manufacturer which was able to provide the hardware and the associated low-level drivers, and eRTOSgener and its Reusable Software Components-based Framework thought to run an application regardless of the underlying H/W architecture. It was strengthened by three patents: two patents on LPWAN roaming with cybersecurity for data transmission and one Patent on Multi-Connectivity. It was also complete with BlueMorpho inputs on the market analysis and various technical discussions with CEA about cybersecurity

Business development

We offer DEV KIT, trainings and premium supports by our specialists.

Our solutions are available under License agreements.

eRTOSgener startup will be demonstrating the solution with the CES show in 2022. eRTOSgener is a co-founder of IOL project, a great opportunity to address Internet of Logistic

Companies involved

eRTOSgener is a tech start-up addressing Industrial IoT embedded challenges : scalability & multi-connectivity & security

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www.ertosgener.comMicro (1-10)FranceIoT

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