The Next Gen Human Computer Interaction

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Virtual reality has gotten so popular just through being able to see and hear two of the most important senses but touch, is really lag behind because of the current VR touch controllers that block the physical interaction via user’s fingers. We need all three senses to truly enjoy virtual reality.
But why no one has not solved this yet? The problem is that touch sense requires integration with the human hand which has 16 joints and 27° of freedom in order to perform every possible movement and motion with the fingers and wrist. The current VR touch-controller only models a single joint and provide just 6° of freedom.

Solutions provided

Our solution Magos is coming to entirely revolutionize the interaction framework within digital environments. Magos models all 16 joints and provides 22° of freedom so that end user can interact via their fingers in a more immersive and intuitive way, instead of holding a pair of controllers and having an awkward interaction within Virtual Reality environments. Magos platform is a Hardware-as-a-Service solution at TRL 6 (demo video). It is comprised by the hardware part – the MAGOS gloves – and the software tool – the unique interactions library that the software houses around the world will utilize to develop their end applications. Magos gloves system is composed of 4 subsystems: 1. Finger tracking subsystem; 2. Hand orientation subsystem; 3. 3D localization subsystem 4. Haptic feedback subsystem.

Consortium strength

Having in person communication with several large enterprises, they understand and identify Magos unique value proposition and consequently provided detailed requirements for applying Magos technology to each industrial sector. Since Q&Q is a deep-tech startup – focused in hardware innovation (Magos is a patent pending technology (PCT/EP20200/73034)).– and Breakpoint One demonstrates advanced skills in XR applications development, their synergy guarantee a successful project / outcome, taking into consideration that they hold key knowledge in their areas of interest. Digifed partners will provide significant contribution in the overall outcome and especially in the innovation management aspects.

Business development

To make all of this happen we started off last year with organic letters of intent in large organisations.
Next year we are making organic project sales for both virtual training & simulation along with virtual design & engineering applications in early adopters of aerospace, automotive and industry 4.0
But the real growth of our solution will come a couple of years later when we are ready to offer a platform as a service to the developers around the world at a very affordable price

Companies involved

Quanta & Qualia (Q&Q) is a Greek, private, for-profit, deep tech SME established in 2017. Its headquarters are located in Greece and currently operates in Athens Digital Lab (incubator) in Athens Greece. R&D and small production is performed 100% in-house; Q&Q owns an electronics lab and an immersive lab with advanced tools and equipment. Quanta & Qualia aspires of a future where current HCI solutions in the XR era will be replaced by a more intuitive one, entirely revolutionizing the interaction between end user and digital environment providing an appreciably higher User Experience.

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The Breakpoint One GmbH is a private, for profit SME founded in 2016. Headquarter is located in Berlin, Germany. Breakpoint One consults, develops and researches in the field of virtual and augmented reality. BPO produces immersive and sustainable experiences in the field of 3D real-time visualisation for industrial, entertainment and edutainment applications.

BPO has strong competency in the development of high-performance real-time computer visualizations, graphical algorithms and user interfaces up to complete 3D graphics engines as well as their integration into complex 3D applications.
We design and develop AR & VR experiences for education, entertainment and training. Virtual reality and augmented reality are very useful tools to tell stories and give the customer an immersive experience with the feeling of presence.

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