Oxama, a wearable computer improving performance and security of extreme sport athletes. 

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Single AEOC 2€55,000


Oxama has developed a wearable device to be worn under a diving mask, specifically designed for diving market. Customers of Oxama will be initially divers willing to improve their performances, while making safer diving activities.  

The Application Experiment we propose is addressing the extension of Oxama technology and approach to other field of applications, considering extreme sport and security applications (i.e. first aid). 

Up to now, the team focused its effort on the validation of current version of Oxama. 

Through the support of Digifed project we want then address a technological and economic scalable model for our device. 

Solutions provided

The Oxama device is composed by an electronic board, an audio actuator and several sensors, contained within a rigid plastic case enveloped in a soft silicone skin. The device is placed within the underwater mask in comfortable contact with the diver’s face.  

Three type of sensors are embedded: 

  • Environmental parameters: pressure and temperature sensor;  
  • Vital parameters: heart rate and blood oxygen saturation sensor.  
  • Physical parameters: acceleration along 3-axis,.  

The measured parameters are communicated in real time to the diver through an audio actuator using a natural human voice. 

The Oxama team started the design of the hardware in 2017. The exclusive method to measure the blood oxygen saturation during deep immersions was then patented. A full operating demonstrator and a first test in water was done in December 2017. Preliminary tests in operational environment were carried out to validate the first prototypes in 2019.  

Consortium strength

IPR. Oxama is protected through an Italian Application (IT 102017000011204), granted on 10/06/2019. An additional patent application is under registration process to extend Oxama in different sectors, i.e. multisport and health. 

Partners. we will rely upon the expertise provided by University of Ljubljana (4P DIH), namely IOT DESIGN & PROTOTYPING service. We will exploit 4P DIH skills to better understand how we can create a fully scalable IoT architecture. 

Support by DigiFed: innovation management (Blumorpho) will help us in validating our exploitation strategy. As far as technical collaboration is concerned, we will rely upon University of Ljubljana (4P DIH)

Business development

We assume to sell 1.000 devices in the first year with a revenue of 500k€, total costs of 354k€ and a gross margin of 29%. We expect to reach the break-even point at the end of 2023. In the following two years, 2024 and 2025, we plan to triple sales by starting distribution of Oxama in US and launching Oxama multisport, closing with revenues of 7,4M€ and 15,9M€. 

Our business model will consider two streams: 

  • Stream 1 B2C addressing sale of devices to final customers.  
  • Stream 2B2B: Biometric/environmental database collection and sale of Statistical data to Sport/Medical/Pharma industry.

Companies involved

Oxama is a startup based in Italy that has been established in with the purpose to bring Oxama diving solution on the market.

Oxama diving is a wearable device that measures both environmental parameters, like depth, water temperature and immersion time, and vital parameters, as in particular the beat heart rate and the blood oxygen saturation, and communicates these parameters to the diver in the way as natural as possible: a human voice. At the end of the immersion session, the user will be able to download all the saved data by means of a proper smartphone application.

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www.oxamadiving.comMicro (1-10)ItalyIoT

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