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A growing tendency in ICT infrastructure is the transition from centralized, to decentralized, to fully distributed topologies. This trend can also be seen in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, where increasingly powerful devices enable the deployment of highly distributed IoT ecosystems. While such infrastructures provide significant business opportunities, it is critical to consider the privacy and security of data generated by connected devices and processed at the Edge.

Solutions provided

The aim of CYSEC is to provide a layer of security to applications and services hosted on all these three types of infrastructures and to ensure the privacy of the data on which such applications are run by leveraging the CEA cybersecure platform (including a TEE based on ARM Trustzone). An application that is compelling in an IoT topology is Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which allows connected devices to communicate securely with each other and with local and cloud servers. CYSEC is using this embedded platform to provide a Trusted Execution Environment with a hardware-based cryptographic back-end for such application.

Consortium strength

  • CYSEC’s flagship product is the ARCA Trusted OS which is a cloud-optimized and hardware- based confidential computing environment that securely hosts critical workloads using secure Kubernetes for deployment and clusters management (High-availability).
  • CYSEC Lab offers security analysis and threat modelling services, including identification of system vulnerabilities and recommendation (and implementation) of security mechanisms.
  • CEA : Expertise in specialized Hardware and Embedded software development
  • The CEA supported CYSEC by providing the necessary embedded expertise and support to deploy a custom distribution of ARCA Trusted OS on the secure embedded platform. CEA also provided valuable guidance for innovation management activities.

Business development

The development done within SEGWAY will be used as a baseline for our product “ARCA Embedded”; a new distribution of ARCA Trusted OS compatible with a variety of embedded platforms featuring the secure enclave ARM TrustZone. This new product will target Edge applications for IoT, New Space, smart grid…

Companies involved

CYSEC was born in 2018 when Patrick Trinkler and Yacine Felk, two cybersecurity entrepreneurs, decided to focus on answering the biggest challenge: securing data-in-use.

Moving corporate data to the public cloud and process data in the edge is a major accelerator for business development. The more companies follow this strategic path, the more data in use—the point of least resistance— becomes a target for attack. Leveraging 20+ years of cybersecurity and cryptography experience, the founders worked with a team of experts to design and build a trailblazing confidential computing solution, CYSEC ARCA Trusted OS.

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