SENSORize yachting SAILs through IoT enabled fabric

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Until now on flexible objects, such as sails or light wings / foils, it was not possible to measure tensions, pressures and other parameters in real operating conditions but only in the laboratory. This meant that the information and data necessary for the development and use of these complex systems were not available to manufacturers and users.

The IoT Sensorsail product covers this gap, it will allow to detect these data in real time and in operating conditions with a wireless data transmission to local and cloud analysis systems.Until now it was not possible to measure tensions, vibrations, and pressures on flexible objects (sails or light foils) in real operating conditions but only in the laboratory. For example, in these days you are witnessing famous world-class regattas in which the sails do not have efficient measurement systems to regulate their operation although the boats are full of sensors of all kinds: a bit like not having the tachometer on the engine in motorsport: how know whether to “push” or “brake”. Koyre today has solved the problem: with IoT SENSORSAIL it will be possible to have these parameters to manage adjustments and safety directly.

Solutions provided

The Sensorsail project stems from the possibility of integrating and developing existing technologies related to innovative textile sensors developed in Italy and currently used in the medical world with microsensors, wireless communication technologies, as-a-service availability of data collection and analysis platforms with sophisticated functions of deep learning. The definition of the mathematical-engineering models of data interpretation completes the Sensorsail solution.

Consortium strength

Koyré has already developed a POC-Proof of Concept starting from existing technologies and developed a first software for connection to central systems; it has also filed the patent application at national, EU and US level.

On the other hand  DigiFed partner, STm, has the hardware and software technologies, at the microprocessor level, detection sensors and wireless transmission technologies to create the optimized prototype needed.

DigiFed allows both to develop the prototype part and to support the development of the business model and the dissemination of results.

Business development

The SENSORSAIL project is addressing boats and equipment manufacturers in the nautical sector and users of medium / high range vessels. The yachting market has a global value of 45 billion euros with a good CAGR (5.6% in 2019-2025). The market for traditional sensors is also growing. The Sensorsail product is entirely new in this sector and Koyré works with market leaders to develop this new product and market (sensorized sails and foils).

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www.koyre.comItalyTransportation – Nautical and naval sector

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