Smart Building Management System

Type Open Call No.Funds granted
Twin AEOC 2€110,000


SMART BMS box addresses the problem of increasing consumption of electricity during peak hours in industry, households, and cities, which is posing serious challenges and constraints for energy distribution related to the stability of grids. In the forthcoming scenario, without extremely high and time-consuming investments in improving the capacity of the power infrastructure it will be almost impossible to meet the needs of electricity supply at peak hours, caused by the growing number of electric vehicles (EV), heat pumps and other devices in need of electricity.

Solutions provided

SMART BMS box REDUXI represents a unique solution to the challenges facing the user needs in electricity consumption, as well as those of electricity distribution and supply. The project is focused on development of a smart, plug and play building management system box, more robust and capable to forecast energy consumption and its further redistribution, by help of smart algorithms as the central module of the new solution.
REDUXI Innovative features vs. competitive solutions:

  • Plug and play solution.
  • Optimization of energy consumption.
  • Forecasting energy consumption.
  • Real time adaptation to electricity price.
  • Leveraging the loads of EE networks.
  • Encrypted communication.
  • Use of electricity from remote solar PP.
  • Affordable pricing.

Consortium strength

AMIBIT is a high-tech start-up company from Slovenia that addresses the increasing trend of digital transformation in the energy sector with own developed innovative hardware (controllers AMIHUB) and software solutions. PES is an Austrian start-up engineering company with extensive experience from planning to construction of electricity/power infrastructure in industry, households and cities and with a strong network arising also from their corporate association in which they are embedded

Amibit and PES have joint forces to develop the new version of AMIHUB to be tested by PES on pilot case with potential clients. The consortium will develop a product prototype REDUXI that will be tested in real environment for further serial production and commercialization, supporting wider set of supported devices and protocols for automatic configurations. Smart BMS target to install and test system for 5 end costumers.

Business development

Amibit considers SMART BMS box as extremely important for its future growth and international expansion. The upgraded solution might become the core revenue stream, especially profiting the opportunity of intense cooperation in a strategic partnership with an Austrian partner (PES) to join forces and propose a disruptive innovation on the EU and later global market, with revenue potential of 12+ million EUR/year and expansion of their R&D department with 10-15 engineers in five-year-time.

PES, an experienced engineering company of energy management solutions, is leveraging the global energy revolution and the dramatic changes happening in the Austrian energy sector starting next year with the EAG legislation, from which they estimate an additional potential growth target of 12 + million EUR in revenues from the standalone solution into their energy concepts to provide energy efficient projects on the market.

Companies involved

Ambit creates energy management solutions focused on real-time monitoring and management of connected devices by using artificial intelligence, smart algorithms and machine learning that optimizes their use while decreasing energy consumption and costs.

WebsiteCompany sizeCountry Industry sector
www.amibit.siMicro (1-10)SloveniaEnergy

PES POWER ENERGY SOLUTIONS develops and implement holistic solutions to take advantages of economic synergies for our customers and to offer them energy solutions that are not only sustainable but also easy to use.

WebsiteCompany sizeCountry Industry sector (1-10)AustriaEnergy