Smart TRACKing and monitoring system of goods for secure and optimised supply chain and LOGistics management

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TRACKLOG project aims at realising and E2E solution capable to collect data and information related goods to evaluate the production end logistics services quality, supported by circular economy features. The project foresees the development of an E2E application for the tracking and monitoring of the goods in the last mile logistics. In this scenario, the solution will be used to monitor the transaction between a company and its satellite activities and sub-contractors. The involved companies can monitor the evolution of the supply chain, thus improving its internal organisation and consequently its efficiency and productivity.

Solutions provided

The main building bricks of the TRACKLOG system are the concepts of the Smart Pallet or Basket  The Smart Pallet is equipped with IoT sensors, capable to implement special functionality and services measuring data from these specific sensors, generating added value information regarding the encapsulated goods, as well as regarding the asset itself. The information is collected through the gateway to connect  the system to the Web for data collection and display.

Thus equipping the system with secured gateways, the goods can be tracked & traced from production point to destination facility. This will ensure E2E secure transactions, exploiting the findings derived from the CEA IoT secure hardware platform studies.

An easy to use Cloud-based data collection, visualisation and processing application, will also be interoperable with legacy systems.

Consortium strength

NGS is an Italian company with the expertise of developing complete IoT solutions from the field toward the Cloud. It has a multidisciplinary team and has participated to several EU projects. The TRACKLog project aims at improving the T&T&M solution developed by NGS in the ICONET project, introducing cyber-security features. In fact, CEA will support NGS in the definition of the security paradigms for managing and dispatching the data in the IoT data collection subsystem located in the premise. CEA will adapt its background “trusted IoT platform” that will be the base to implement the NGS Secure Gateway. This secure gateway will in particular manage secure communication with the IoT devices, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information exchanged, as well as its secure management.

Business development

The solution proposes to:

  1. Enhance the visibility within warehouse, transportation, and associated logistics processes, such as order processing, financial transactions, shipping, and dispatching & picking. It helps drive more effective business decisions by identifying the crucial bottlenecks and hence, facilitates in critical decision-making.
  2. Realise companies’ digitalisation, documents’ dematerialization and the circular economy functionalities, thus supporting the green new deal guidelines envisioned by the EU.

Companies involved

Complete and personalized IoT solutions We develop IoT solutions from the field toward the Cloud. Our main field is Industry 4.0 with special focus on industrial monitoring and smart logistics. We have developed proprietary hardware and software solutions capable to manage a large set of protocols and sensors

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www.ngs-sensors.itMicro (1-10)ItalyTransportation & Smart mobility

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