Development and validation of a cyberphysical system for water monitoring in response to COVID-19

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Due to the climate change effects and the population growth in Europe, it is expected that by 2030, water resources would barely reach 60% of global demand. COVID-19 situation has just accelerated this forecast. This means that water saving measurements are mandatory. Some specific issues addressed include:

  • Waste of cold water when the user wants hot water and has to wait for it with the tap turned on.
  • Water leaks.
  • Under-watering/Over-watering in farms.
  • Lack of maintenance in plumbing installations.

Currently there are no technologies addressing all these problems. The existing few are independent and not modular, nor incremental nor compatible with each other. That’s why WAISENSE is an opportunity for many consumers and managers to control water holistically, also seizing the data and awareness our technology generates.

Solutions provided

The concept and objective of this AE is to develop and validate in real scenarios a new cyberphysical system for the remote control of water installations, WAISENSE GUARD, using IoT connectivity. The system is based on a single device (i) with two add-ons (ii and iii): i) an IoT water meter for remote reading and billing of the water flow, with leak detection and flow control capabilities (possibility of cutting the water flow if a leak is detected), ii) a pair of IoT sensorized modules for ambient and soil parameters monitoring and iii) an expansion bay for cleaning pipes (injecting a cleaning product in the installation) and/or distributing fertilizers. Users and administrators can control these modules using a mobile app or an online platform (WAISENSE MOBILE) using big-data analysis, AI&ML for the anomalous consumption prevention.

WAISENSE GUARD is under development, with international stakeholders and partners following its evolution.

Consortium strength

Metrica6 is a Spanish R&D firm that develops, manufactures and sells their own patented products, where WAISENSE is the star technology. Metrica6 is especially active in the fields of smart-city/-agro. With this AE, we want to expand the features of WAISENSE, aiming for the IoT water measurement, leak detection and maintenance and agricultural/irrigation segments. Regarding DigiFED partners, we count with ST Microelectronics (France), as they have an important portfolio of high-level technologies in the field of electronics and a wide expertise in multiple industrial fields for WAISENSE-related applications. It will also help us reaching the French and Italian markets.

Business development

WAISENSE GUARD business model is based on the sale of products and services using 4 main methods (with more options within each one), all including our royalties: i) Product as a Service, paying a subscription to the different features offered; ii) Direct and indirect sales of equipment and services through our distributors and partners; iii) Contribution margins, charging a fraction of what customers save using WAISENSE and iv) Commissions to entities such as insurance companies or water suppliers accessing data. These options make our WAISENSE GUARD solution accessible and affordable for different kinds of customers and stakeholders.

Companies involved

Metrica6 is an R&D company specialized in product development and business innovation for smart-city solutions. The company is the developer and distributor of WAISENSE, an internationally patented technology for saving water in different installations and consumers, e.g.: avoiding the typical wastage of cold water suffered before hot water reaches a tap; detecting and stopping leaks; applying smart-irrigation, among other functionalities. The company is digitalizing and internationalizing its portfolio of solutions with new partners and features, some commercial and some still under development. The UNWTO recognized Metrica6 as the best European company working towards the creation of sustainable cities and communities

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www.metrica6.xyzSME (11-50)SpainIndustry 4.0

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