Water forecast for Water Utilities

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The management of water supply services is a complex system that needs to accommodate multiple data.

The digital transformation has pushed the water supply management system to adopt a “digital twin” concept, i.e., to duplicate the tangible work and data flow into digital, so that SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) network directly feeds the system and, thanks to embedded algorithms of water flow in pipes and treatment processes within the plants, simultaneously simulates the behavior of the whole system.

In this architecture, the common assumption is that “water will always be available”, i.e., that water abstraction is never a problem. However, with Global Warming, this is not true anymore. Many cities around the World are suffering from water stress that can cause service interruption for many Utilities.

So the question water managers are asking is: “would it be possible to provide reliable prediction on water availability tailored on my plant?”

Solutions provided

With WatU4cast we want to develop a system integration capable to ingest highly-customized water predictions, obtained with the Waterjade® techology, into the management system (the GoAigua® plaform provided by Idrica), extending the Digital Twin concept currently limited to the urban infrastructure to the whole catchment.

Waterjade® is a new technology dedicated to monitor water resources at large scale and predict water discharge in rivers and reservoirs. Thanks to a Multiple modelling – Multi data approach it provides more flexibility to adapt to whatever plant configuration and/or catchment morphology, more accuracy thanks to the use of multiple data sources and advanced models and, finally, can be potentially replicated globally.

The objective of the system integration is to improve and optimize the decision making in the potabilization plant operations. The results show on the GoAigua platform will be very visual, providing a convenient and self-explaining visualization of all needed information.

Consortium strength

MobyGIS develops for the Water cycle at catchment scale, from snow in the mountain down to discharge in rivers. The two operative services are: 1) Mysnowmaps®, a portal for snow monitoring at high resolution; 2) Waterjade®, a platform for river flow predictions for industrial applications. MobyGIS has 5 years of experience in providing forecasts to major hydropower companies in Italy. MobyGIS has previous experience in working with water utilities thanks to the Acceleration program EDI incubator. IDRICA is a world leader in the digitalization and development of technological solutions, with experience in the operation and maintenance of networks and drinking water and waste water treatment plants on an international scale. IDRICA’s solution, GoAigua®, brings together specific software developments for the optimal operation of water supply, sewerage and waste water treatments.

Business development

The business model of the solution will be a SaaS (Software as a Service) to be built on the existing GoAigua® platform.
For the commercialisation of the product, currently IDRICA brings to the market other technological applications in the water cycle sector. Consequently, trade agreements have already been made with 400 cities in the EU (IDRICA priority market) for the commercialisation of the GoAigua platform. The companies that make up IDRICA’s client portfolio will be the first target at the beginning of the commercialization of the product and it will be carried out using existing channels through IDRICA’s network of sales representatives.

Companies involved

MobyGIS Srl is an SME active in the environmental sector. The core business of the company is to provide analytics and forecast services on water harvesting to hydropower companies and water utilities. The team is composed of 6 people working full time with backgrounds varying from engineering, IT and marketing.

WebsiteCompany sizeCountry Industry sector
www.mobygis.comMicro (1-10)ItalyEnergy

The company GLOBAL OMNIUM IDRICA, SLU (IDRICA) was born with the aim of concentrating the technological advances and the international service of the Global Omnium group. IDRICA’s value proposition focuses on contributing its experience both in operation and maintenance of drinking water and sewerage networks and infrastructures, in digitalization and development of technological solutions.

WebsiteCompany sizeCountry Industry sector
www.idrica.comSME (51-150)ItalyEnergy