DigiFed Bootcamp Series 1 – download

Are you planning on applying for your chance to receive € 55k through the DigiFed open calls? Then register for the DigiFed online training sessions for expert advice on how to prepare a successful proposal.

The EU funded project “Digital Innovation Hubs Federation For Large Scale adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs“ is launching a series of online interactive thematic training sessions – “online bootcamps”, to help guide applicants in the preparation for the submission of their technical offer proposals to the DigiFed open call for applications. 

The bootcamp sessions will last approximately 2 hours each and will include the opportunity to interact will experts in the field of Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles. The dates ant times for each bootcamp session are as follows:

  • 5th May at 10am – IOT
  • 7th May at 10 am – AI – Software
  • 11th May at 10 am – Lighting, Reliability & Autonomous Vehicle
  • 13th May at 10 am – Cybersecurity

In addition, to apply to the open call, applicants will also be required to provide a 5-minute audio-visual pitch presenting their project. To complement the video presenting the guidelines of this pitch, DigiFed will be offering a one to one 30 minutes coaching session with our partners BME, Digital Catapult, Ikerlan, Minalogic, University of Ljubljana (4P DIH) to give applicants useful tips for the preparation of a successful pitch.

The pitch training will be held on the 18th of May. You can also register to a 10 minutes meeting on the 20th of May to get your pitch registered by our partner BLUMORPHO.

Download the materials of the Digifed bootcamps – series 1: https://digifed.org/explore/online-bootcamps/