DigiFed launches third Open Call for companies across Europe to digitalise their products and services

DigiFed offers grants of up to € 50k as well as technical and business support to start-ups, SMEs or Mid-Caps for the development of smart applications in Europe.

The EU funded project “Digital Innovation Hubs Federation For Large Scale adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs” opens today its third call for applications. 

Operating within the framework of the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative, DigiFed seeks to boost the adoption of advanced digital technologies, or cyber-physical systems (CPS), by EU SMEs with a focus on non-digital businesses. 

It will help applicants implement business plans for the sustainability of the federation of Digital Innovation Hubs designated by the European Commission, while providing key support mechanisms for both individual companies and groups of SMEs to foster the introduction of digital technologies in their product-and-service offerings. 

Application Experiments (AEs) are the core activity of DigiFed. This pathway directly supports SMEs and Midcaps with different levels of digital maturity:

  • For SMEs with low digital maturity it offers the capacity for SMEs to catch up and upgrade their skills and existing products with dedicated services, tools and solutions.
  • For SMEs with higher digital maturity it offers further innovative technology integration as well as access to potential customers including larger industrial stakeholders.

The third open call presents three types of Application Experiment:

  1. Single AE: involves one European SME and one DigiFed Technical partner which provides support and expertise.
  2. Twin AE: involves two European SMEs with complementary expertise and legally based in two different countries (cross-border condition).
  3. Twin AE with one low-digitalized company: involves two SMEs cooperating cross-border, of which at least one with a low digital maturity level. In this configuration, Twin applicants can request the additional optional support of a DigiFed Technical partner.

Application Experiments have been proven successful by several projects especially in I4MS and SAE initiatives (on which DigiFed is built). DigiFed continues such successful practices and amplifies their potential.

Deadline to apply by is the 8th of June 2021! Visit the Open Calls section on the Digifed website for more information!

Have questions regarding the application process?

DigiFed offers a Live Helpdesk! Tune in HERE every Thursday of the week between 15:30 to 16:30 until the deadline!