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Advanced Technology:

Develop tailored innovation strategies and activities focusing on open innovation, especially in SMEs


Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann
Fredy Ríos Silva


Develop tailored innovation strategies and activities focusing on open innovation, especially in SMEs 


We offer tailored support in identifying innovation approaches and transforming them into marketable products for the benefit of your company. 

The competitiveness of companies, particularly SMEs, is largely determined by their ability to generate and develop innovative products, processes and services and introduce these to the market. Innovation management – the systemic planning and management of innovation processes in companies – plays an important role to sustain and enhance competitiveness. 

Typical use cases 

Our services include: 

We support you in developing a tailor-made approach to innovation management in your company by providing the following services: 

  • identificationof innovation potentials and elaboration of a suitable innovation strategy
  • supportto implementation of the strategy in your company
  • Knowledge management
  • Advice to protection and exploitation of innovative products, processes and services
  • Gender & Diversity as an important factor for innovation

This approach will build on your individual company needs  and can include the following components: 

  • Analysingexisting innovation processes, innovation strategies and the internal approach to innovation 
  • Analysingexternal and internal relationships with for example innovation partners, market actorsetc 
  • Identification of innovation potential with view to company competitiveness (innovation audit, self-assessment, vision, strategy development)
  • Definition of company needs (structuring ideas & project development, knowledge management) and respective recommendations for action (activity plan, including IPR management & protection, market launch)
  • Support to implementation: project development and application, trainings, partner search, technology scouting, go to marketetc

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