Attend the new DigiFed Webinar Series on the 3rd Open Call and the new DigiFed app!

Are you planning on applying to the thirdDigiFed open call to develop smart applications? Don’t forget to join our series of web meetings to grasp the full DigiFed offer and ask all your questions to our experts. 

To complement the opening of DigiFed’s third and final open call, the project is launching a short series of webinars to help guide applicants in the preparation for the submission of their technical offer proposals and to also present the new DigiFed Networking app. The webinar schedule is as follows:

Session 1: DigiFed: Digitising Europe’s industry together: Presentation of the third Open Call and how to apply  

Dedicated to the presentation of the third and last Open Call with the different possibilities offered and application criteria. DigiFed provides significant support mechanisms – a 15K grant – for SMEs to foster the introduction of digital technologies in their product and service offerings. You will receive all the details to understand how it works! 

When? 15 April 2021 – 10am CEST 

Session 2: Networking App: How to register efficiently to our networking app 

A session dedicated to the presentation of the Fresh New NETWORKING App in which we will show you and explain the registration process from A to Z, but also how to fill your profile efficiently. Through the App the idea is to facilitate the introduction to potential partners in the context of the DigiFed programme.  

When? 21 April 2021 – 10am CEST 

Session 3 and 4: Meet DigiFed technical partners 

In the two last sessions, our technical partners will present what they offer on DigiFed and the use cases of their technologies. It will be divided in 2 sessions: 

  • 23 April 2021, 10 am CEST: AVL (Austria), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), ST Microelectronics (France and Italy) 
  • 27 April 2021, 10 am CEST: BME (Hungary) and Ikerlan (Spain) 

Register to this webinar series at the following link: