Join DigiFed at the IOT Solutions World Congress!

On 10th – 12th May 2022, DigiFed will take part in the IOT Solutions World Congress held in Barcelona.

DigiFed is getting ready for the IOT Solutions World Congress showcasing the game-changing solutions & technologies that are disrupting and transforming the industry.

The project will have a dedicated area where some of the most successful companies whose projects were supported through DigiFed’s open calls will showcase their unique inventions.

On the third day of the Congress (12th May), some DigiFed expositors will take part in a pitching event and networking session.

DigiFed section will be located in Grand Via, Hall P4, Level 0, Street E, Stand 521.

Joining us will be a great occasion to get to know more about the DigiFed project and discover the most successful and innovative inventions its contribution and support made possible to realise, other than visiting the IOT Solutions World Congress.

DigiFed’s expositors will be:

  1. Friblocs – Frame Integrated Bike Location and Communication System
    Sentil NV (Belgium), Orbea S.Coop (Spain)
    Sector: Transportation & Smart mobility
  2. Albicchiere – Smart Wine Dispenser
    Beexlab srl (Italy)
    Sector: Agritech & foodtech
  3. USAB – Universal Security Active Badge
    Offpad (Norway), One Wave (France)
    Sector: Security & electronics
  4. Dynagrid
    Energiot Devices S.L. (Spain), Element SARL (France)
    Sector: Energy & ICT
  5. Touch & Heat
    Iotize (France), Lucht (Germany)
    Sector: Energy & ICT
  6. Waisense Guard
    Metrica6 Ingenieria y Desarrollos S.L. (Spain)
    Sector: Industry 4.0
  7. Safecility Safesound
    The Convex Lens (Ireland)
    Sector: Industry 4.0
  8. Smart Building Management System Box
    AMIBIT d.o.o. (Slovenia), PES GmbH (Austria)
    Sector: Energy
  9. Track Log
    New Generation Sensors srl (Italy)
    Sector: Transportation & smart mobility
  10. Honey.AI
    Sonicat Systems SL (Spain), Stayia Farm PC (Greece)
    Sector: Manufacturing, Agritech & foodtech
  11. Ntouch 2.0 – Bringing touchless control to industry 4.0
    Sparks Circuits and Robotics S.L. (Spain), Edge Impulse Europe BV (Netherlands)
    Sector: ICT, Industry 4.0
  12. Smart Ramp
    HUPI SAS (France), Donostiabus (DBUS) Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián (Spain)
    Sector: Industry 4.0, Transportation & smart mobility
  13. IoT-sec-holistic
    Binare Oy (Finland)
    Sector: Cybersecurity x IoT as a cross-cutting horizontal domain
  14. Instrumentation Technologies (Slovenia) & Acciona (Spain)
    Sector: Water management
  15. Four DigiFed Generic Experiments communities:  51 European SMEs
    CEA-Leti (France), Ikerlan (Spain), Univ Ljubljana (Slovenia), BME (Hungary)
    Sectors: cybersecurity and blockchain, smart lightning, smart agriculture

We are looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona in May!